Armoire Style

The average American woman spends 219 hours shopping each year. That’s a lot of time spent standing in line, wandering through shopping malls and browsing online – usually ending with the purchase of a couple clothing items that will be worn once or twice and then never seen again.

Armoire is a subscription service that provides clients with clothing sourced from top designers all over the world. Created through Delta V, MIT’s premier competitive summer accelerator, Armoire uses data and analytics to figure out what a woman wants in her wardrobe and provides it to her.


I wanted to enhance Armoire’s existing branding to a more luxurious look and feel. I put together a more sophisticated but still fresh color palette – the berry trio, bold but practical when paired with the neutral secondary colors.

For typefaces, we kept things feminine but professional. We chose Playfair Display for it’s delicate, high-contrast strokes in headlines and Open sans to provide greater legibility as a secondary typeface option.


Expanded existing and new user experiences – some for internal use and others customer-facing. I focused on reducing the amount of elements on each page in order to better direct the users actions.

Keeping things clean with minimal photography, field options and simplified buttons. For Quick Views (shown above), rather than cluttering the space with the complete product details, we chose to display only the most necessary information and hide the rest.