Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI helps users turn data into insightful, interactive visuals, allowing them to analyze data with greater speed, efficiency and understanding.

While working with the Power BI team, my efforts were primarily focused on the marketing website designing a mix of everything from landing pages to illustrations and animations. I also later lead the efforts in establishing brand standards for the marketing site and a UI Library which was later adopted by other Cloud and Enterprise additions including, Microsoft PowerApps, Microsoft Stream, and Microsoft Flow.

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Web Design

The new marketing website launched in May 2015, showcasing beautiful visualizations, a bold color palette and purposeful animations. The site was built with the intention of being equally informational and engaging. Getting valuable insights doesn’t always involve endlessly scrolling through spreadsheets.

A lot goes into designing for a marketing site – it does not do justice to showcase just the main landing page. I designed for the blog, community site, additional product pages, product documentation, extra landing pages and more. Because the site was rapidly expanding, we had to implement new pages quickly. Sometimes that meant forgoing extensive research to be able to quickly churn out designs and later revisit them with more knowledge and user feedback under our belt.


Because the site was growing so quickly – we needed to implement a UI Library to keep things consistent. We took key elements from the already existing UI Library for the product and refined it to ensure it met web accessibility standards. Later using the library when creating new pages sped up both design and development and lead to a more consistent overall appearance.