Armoire Style

Armoire is a subscription service that provides their clients with clothing sourced from top designers all over the world. Created through Delta V, MIT’s premier competitive summer accelerator, Armoire uses data and analytics to figure out what their client wants in their wardrobe and provides it to her.

No more endless online scrolling, standing in line or aimlessly wandering around malls

Web Design

Enhanced existing content, and updated the overall look and feel of the website. Primary focus was reducing the amount of elements on each page.

Previous Web Design


Updated Web Design



We wanted to enhance the existing branding to have a more sophisticated, modern look and feel. To marry these two ideas, a mixture of playful pinks and purples were selected and paired with neutral secondary colors.

For typography, we kept things feminine but professional. Playfair Display was chosen for it’s delicate, high contrast strokes to be used in headlines and Open Sans to provide greater legibility as a secondary typeface option for body copy.



Expanded existing and new user experiences – some for internal use and others customer-facing. The look and feel mirrored some elements from the marketing site to streamline the customer experience.

I focused on significantly reducing and minimalizing the amount of elements on each asset in order to better direct the users actions.